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Code of Conduct

Members must at all times conduct their duties on a totally impartial and objective manner.
The relationship between the Assessor and the Principal must be based on the utmost good faith.
Members shall not attempt to obtain any advantage in the conduct of their profession, other than through their professional ability.
Members are prohibited form offering incentives to any person or organization, as an inducement to obtain work.
Should an Assessor be appointed to act for Principals whose interest may conflict, the Members must disclose his position to the parties concerned and act in accordance with their wishes.
A Member submits to the authority vested in the National Executive Committee in all matters pertaining to disciplinary procedures.

The Institute of Motor Assessors SA strives to:
Maintain and enhance the prestige and status of the profession
Uphold the integrity and reserve the independence of Motor Assessors
Uphold the standard and to provide for the effective control of the professional conduct of Motor Assessors
Promote the skill, efficiency, service and responsibility of the profession
Establish and maintain high standards of education and knowledge
Regulate the exercise of the profession
Represent generally the view of the profession and to promote the common interest of members of the profession
Co-operate, liaise with or make representations to such other authorities, societies, corporate bodies or persons as it may deem fit.


Professional Fees

In addition to recovering expenses necessarily incurred and to afford a member reasonable and proper remuneration for services rendered, a member shall charge a professional fee commensurate with:

The volume, urgency and importance of the work;
The complexity of the matter or difficulty or uniqueness of the work;
The skill, effort, specialised knowledge and responsibility involved;
The number, importance and complexity of documents prepared or perused;
The place where and circumstances in which the services were rendered;
The time expended;
The amount of money or value of property involved;
The importance of the matter to the client;
The quality of the work done;
The experience, qualifications and seniority of the member. 


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